I Surrender ALL

September 6, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: Acts, Continuing the Work of Jesus

Topic: Discipleship, God's Will, Obedience to God Scripture: Acts 5:1–5:16

The passage before us is indeed a difficult one. So much so that many progressive scholars have proposed that is is spurious or fictitious. I do not agree with them on this. The holy Scriptures are not ours to amend at will. The purpose of this passage is clear. Luke has given us several summary statements showing the idealized life go the apostolic church, now he shows us that the early church also dealt with sins in the congregation. Luke desires us to see that sin will break into the covenant community and when it does, it will do harm to the church and to the work of evangelism. 

What exactly made the sin of Ananias and his wife worthy of God’s judgment? The Apostle Peter says that they both lied.

Let’s consider how they lied and how we as a covenant community may have God’s power activity working in and through us.