About Coggins Church

About Coggins Church

Coggins Church is a gospel-centered community. Coggins Church seeks to be a biblical church. We joyfully gather to worship God, hear His Word taught, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our mutual faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and King compels us to be a congregation passionately pursuing God's glory in our lives and church. 

We rejoice to have people from every tribe and nation coming to worship Jesus Christ.

We are a Southern Baptist Church, founded in the late 1950s as a mission of First Baptist Church, Lexington, NC. The Coggins Mission was established, back then, to reach the communities on the South end of Main Street, Lexington, NC. Coggins Church continues to be a conservative, missional, congregation who trusts fully in the Bible as the Word of God and Jesus Christ as the only Way to the Father.

 We strongly encourage our guests to attend multiple weeks of service to become thoroughly acquainted with the life-transforming things Christ is doing in our midst.