I'll Believe In Jesus Next Time | Acts 23 through 26

May 30, 2021 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: Acts, Continuing the Work of Jesus

Topic: Faith, Saving Faith, Effectual Calling, False Faith, Curiosity Scripture: Acts 23:23–26:32

In this account of three of the hearings that the Apostle Paul received, we will see that none of those who hear his case found any guilt whatsoever. It was the Jewish leader who was rejecting their own doctrine of the resurrection because it had come to be fulfilled through someone that condemned their self-righteousness - Jesus Christ. 

In these four chapters, we will see some of the most powerful men in that part of the world, in those days, hear the testimony of Paul firsthand. As we consider, in some detail, today these proceedings, let us consider, from the eternal perspective, what these men were doing and how they were responding to the most important hearing they would receive in their lifetimes.