What Does Giving Money Have to Do With Church? | God's Powerful Supply!

May 17, 2020 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: PHILIPPIANS, Radical Joy In Christ

Topic: Unity, Gifts, Growth, Ministry Scripture: Philippians 4:10–19

What does giving money have to do with church? Does God supply the needs of the church? Does God supply for the needs of people? Do you find the topic of giving hard? Are you concerned about supporting the gospel ministry because of your personal needs? Do you feel like you have so little to contribute that your giving doesn’t matter? Then I think you will be encouraged this morning. Church giving can be a sensitive topic. I suspect much of this is due to the abuses of certain TV preachers. Greed must always be guarded against. As with any field, there are those we can trust and those whom we cannot trust. There are good doctors, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, and even lawyers, and, to be sure, there are bad ones. So it is with churches. We must always use discernment. In the passage before us, we are given a glimpse of how the church supported the preaching ministry of Paul. They were connected to him and his ministry because of their common faith in the gospel. Christ has saved them and they earnestly desire that others are saved as well and they know that this only comes through the preaching of the gospel.

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