OTHERS, Coggins Church's Ministry Focus for 2023!


In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:1

This quote from Scripture is taken from our Lord’s “Sermon on the Mount.” In it He is encouraging His followers not to hide their faith in Him or to neglect their duty to be on the mission of doing good works in His name. In this we are given two exalted purposes to keep us focused. 

These are: 

  1. 1. that we should let our light shine before OTHERS so that they may see it. 
  2. 2. and that they may give glory to the FATHER (not to us). 

Having these two exalted goals to guide us, allow me to make some important observations about Matthew 5:16. 

  • It is a calling for the Church in every age and for every disciple in every age. 
  • We are to do good on earth with the result that the Father receives glory in heaven.
  • Letting our light shine IS living for the glory of God.
  • God sees our good works; that should be enough.
  • Others see our good works and are often compelled to give God glory.
  • All of this starts with letting (a command) our light shine before OTHERS.

I want to encourage our congregation to make OTHERS our 2023 MISSION. 

Let’s be passionate and purposeful to live this year for God’s glory in ways that shine the light of the Truth of the Gospel of Christ to those around us. And, let’s do it with such humility that when they see God’s love through us they are compelled to give glory to our Heavenly Father. 

How might we do this? 

  •   By Praying for OTHERS.
  •   By Serving OTHERS.
  •   By Sharing the Gospel with OTHERS.

For over five years we have been focused inwardly. We have had this emphasis because we had many things in the church’s past that needed to be rebuilt, renewed, reformed. We needed to get back to the Word and the Gospel, and we have! We needed to rediscover our glorious God, and we have! We needed to be re-energized by the Holy Spirit to follow our Savior Jesus Christ faithfully, and we have been! And, we will not be finished with those things when He returns. Simper reformada! (always reforming!) is the message of Scripture. When we see Him, we shall be like Him. Understanding this, I believe the Lord is urging us to turn our focus OUTWARD to OTHERS. So, as your pastor, I want to encourage you to push yourself past your comfort zone to let your light shine with the goal of reaching others for His glory. 

Find people you can minister to in Jesus name and watch God work! We should live a humble, sincere, holy life before them. We should care for them and about them. We can work to meet their needs. We can be faithful in our own service to God in the church, giving to the church, and supporting the mission of the church through our prayers and presence. Invite many to join us at church. Others we must labor over in prayer, planting seeds of kindness mingled with the Word. If we seek Him, He will make a way, open doors, give the increase, and save souls! 

Let’s turn our hearts and lives outward toward OTHERS, to Lexington, and witness what God will do through us!

Love In Christ, 

Pastor Scott 


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