Do You Feel Like Running?


Starting well has its challenges but continuing takes perseverance. Pastor John MacArthur, a former college track runner, illustrates this truth well. 

“The race started wonderfully--our first runner ran such a great opening quarter-mile leg that as he passed the baton to me, we were tied for the lead. I ran as hard as I could, and as I passed the baton to our third runner, we were in first place. I thought we had an excellent chance to win--our fourth runner was especially fast. 

Our third runner took off like lightening around the first curve and down the backstretch. And then the unthinkable happened. He stopped suddenly, walked off the track, and sat down on the grass. I ran over to him, thinking he must have pulled a muscle. When I reached him, he didn't look like he was in pain, so I asked what was wrong. I'll never forget his reply. All he said was, "I don't know--I just didn't feel like running today."

Sadly, many people are like that runner. Somewhere along the way they stopped pursuing a deep, loving relationship with Christ, walked off His path of righteousness, and sat down to rest in their self-righteousness and the ease of worldly pleasures. But allegiance and love to Christ demand a lifelong commitment. As our Lord Himself said, "No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God" (Luke 9:62).”

When a person finds himself in a spiritual malaise he can be tempted to drop service for Christ so that he may, “give himself a break.” There are, indeed, times when the Lord calls His servants away to rejuvenate. But every believer must give prayerful consideration to the Lord’s will in this matter. In serving Christ there is both power and purpose, two things greatly needed in a spiritual slump.

As lovingly as I know how, allow me to encourage you to do one thing – just one. Take 15 minutes, today, to get alone with God. After praising and thanking Him for being awesome and gracious in giving His Son Jesus, pause quietly for a minute or two. Then break the silence with this question, “Lord, how in Your service do you want me to invest my life?” The Apostle Paul asked this question, “Lord what will you have me do?” After his dramatic conversion he was told to go and wait and, “he would be told what to do” (Acts 9:5, 6). Paul obeyed and direction came through another of God’s servants, Ananias. 

Do you feel like running today?       

Love You All, 

Pastor Scott

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