Can We Trust The First Chapters Of The Bible?

Can We Trust The First Chapter Of The Bible?

Have you ever been handed a piece of paper with what looked like an inkblot on it and then asked what seemed to be a rather dumb question, “What do you see?” After studying the inkblot for a few minutes you either could not figure out what it represented or you chanced a guess. Perhaps you said it was a dog, a cloud or something else. Then you were told that it was a silhouette of what most people think of when they think of Jesus. Suddenly, there it is, a nose, hair, the outline of a face! What made the difference? Why could you see it once you were told but couldn’t before that? I would like to suggest to you that it was your preconceived ideas, or more accurately in this case, the lack of them. It was what philosophers and theologians like to call, “presuppositions.” In other words, when you were first handed the paper you had little or no presupposition about what you were observing. Your mind had no frame of reference, therefore, you were at a disadvantage to see the image that was there all the time. The same is often true in theology. All people approach the Bible with certain presuppositions, some accurate and some inaccurate, some misguided and some better supported, some bad and some good. Out of the whole Bible, this is nowhere more true than in the Book of Genesis. And of the whole book of Genesis, this even more true concerning the first twelve chapters. That is the purpose of this study, to help orient you as a believer on how to interpret this magnanimous book - Genesis. The reason for this is in our day, I believe, there is no other book of the Bible that is more under attack. Because of this, every believer must have, at the very least, a basic understanding of the content of Genesis and the arguments surrounding it. We should beware lest we underestimate the impact of what is at stake when we do not take Genesis seriously.

Today we are in a battle like never before over beginnings. Why? Because our beginning determines our path. Our beginning determines our morals and ethics. Our beginnings determine our beliefs. Our beginnings determine our future and what road is right to take us there. So let’s get our bearings on the book of beginnings. Let’s answer, in our hearts and minds, the question fully and finally, Is Genesis history or mythology? Are we to dismiss the first chapters of Genesis as being unscientific and as a result retreat to the “mining of spiritual truths” that have no historical foundation? It is my full belief that Genesis is to be understood at face value. It is not fanciful literature for it to start with the creation but it is foundational. Mankind must know his origin and if that origin account is not rooted in reality and history then it is false supplying no truth for us. 

I want to extend a special invitation to everyone to join us this Sunday Night at 5:00 pm in the Worship Center at Coggins Church as giving special consideration to the first chapters of the Bible - can they be trusted? We will be showing the documentary, “Is Genesis History?” It is a great opportunity to invite a friend, neighbor or family member to join you for this revealing and exciting film.

Love You All In Christ, 

Pastor Scott

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