An Update From Pastor Scott, 1-19-2018


An Update From Pastor Scott, 1-19-2018

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. With the sudden onset of severe chest pains two months ago, we began the first leg of our journey going through a battery of tests for esophageal spasm with our GI doctor. While it seemed that some relief was on the way at first, this proved to be the wrong path to solve the problem. My GI doctor then advised me to seek the help of a cardiologist. We left his office bewildered and dejected at the thoughts of becoming a cardiac patient at 47 years old. We began the search for a cardiac doctor but before we finished we had to make a trip to the ER at Wake Forest Lexington Medical Center. At WFLMC the doctors and nurses took a special interest in my case so that I would know if my heart was the issue. I've had two visits to WFLMC and have come to appreciate them very much. Last Wednesday I went to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem for a heart catheterization which I expected to include the additional putting in of a stint since my cardiologist felt sure I had a blockage. From that procedure, I found out that I have two blockages. The main artery on the front of my heart is 100% blocked and there is another artery that is 70% blocked. Wednesday, January 24 I am scheduled to have bypass surgery to address the problem. As some of you know, the recovery is quite extensive lasting approximately one month. Through all of this, we have seen the mercy of the Lord numerous times. For starters, the doctor says that it doesn't appear that I have had a heart attack. Secondly, we found out the problem before I had a heart attack. Thirdly, through this, I have been connected to and helped by some very special doctors and medical professionals. Fourthly, we have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support from our family, our church family, and our many wonderful friends. 

Our Coggins Church family has come to our aid in many ways. We have been humbled by your love and prayers. The calls, texts, messages, cards, delicious food, help, hope, and just truly honest love for us during this time has been something very tangible showing the love of Christ to us. Horace and Lynda have been more help than either of them can imagine. They and the deacons have stepped up and in to help carry on the work of the gospel in the church during this time that I simply could not have done. Many of you have spoken words of comfort and assurance, as well as support for what the Lord is doing in Coggins Church that has penetrated to my soul. We are so thankful to be with you all and long to have this behind us so that we can get back to the work of the gospel and sharing the Word of God in Lexington. The knowledge of your prayers on our behalf gives us hope for each day's challenges. 

I am very grateful to Brother Mike Ester, Director of Liberty Baptist Associaiton, for preaching in my stead last Sunday. Some of you have shared with me how his message spoke to you personally. In the coming weeks, Brother Benny Vickrey and Dr. Lamar King have been kind enough to bring the Word to you in my absence. I am so grateful to each of these men for their aid and support during this difficult time. On Sunday nights we will continue our journey together through Behold Your God, Rethinking God Biblically. It is hard for me that I cannot be with you during this study each week. But I am with you in spirit and reading my Daily Devotional Study. On Wednesdays you will have an opportunity to share some testimonies and blessings about what you are learning from this profound study as one of our deacons will lead a discussion and the prayer time. This is a great blessing to me. I am so grateful to our deacons for their servant's heart and for the love that they’ve shown to me. Please take this opportunity on Wednesdays to share and bond together around the things you’ve gleaned from the videos and the Daily Devotions. When I return, we will resume our study of the Gospel of John on Sunday mornings and continue our other studies together. I hope to keep you all updated through these Bulletin and News Letter Updates, Our Facebook Page, & Facebook Live.  

Let us not become discouraged during this time. There is no doubt that our enemy, the devil, is waging spiritual warfare on the work of the gospel that is taking place in our midst. Let us not allow him to succeed in diminishing our zeal for the Word. Our God reigns! He is King of this, too. This was not in our plans but it was in His. This has not taken our Lord Jesus by surprise. It is my prayer that God use this for His glory and for the furtherance of the gospel among us and in Lexington. How He will do this, I know not but that isn’t up to me. He is able to make His blessing abound toward us all in Jesus Christ in and through our afflictions so that His Word is furthered despite our weaknesses. I am looking forward to being back with you all soon. We are so very thankful to God and to each of you for how you have made sure that we are not alone in this. We love you all so very much and through this have been assured of your love for us in Christ. We have become keenly aware of what a sweet and Christ-loving, Word-living church of whom we have become a part. Thank you all for just being the church and our beloved friends. Thank you for your fervent prayers on our behalf. I believe that through your prayers God is working on our behalf greatly. We love and miss you all very much!!!

Please read Philippians 1:18-20, especially verse 19. 

Love In Christ, 

Pastor Scott    

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