Grumbling Gets You Nowhere

September 8, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: The Book of Exodus, Being Delivered By God

Topic: Discipleship, God's Will, Obedience to God Scripture: Exodus 17

Are you a complainer? Do you grumble and murmur about things? Does God care if we have this habit?

Grumbling is insidious. When we are tempted to do it, it is because these are the times we feel most justified in grumbling. Grumbling is intensely personal but profoundly communal. When we grumble against God or God’s people, it is because we have been personally challenged. It is at this crossroads of the change that we decide either to grow in Christ or to grumble and poison the community God’s people. It is easy to sit in judgment on these people who acted so selfishly some 3500 years ago but are we committing the same sins today by grumbling in the church, the Lord’s work or against the Lord’s leaders? Let’s judge our own hearts and God won’t have to do it.