1 Chronicles 16:7-36 Thanksgiving Every Sunday

November 18, 2018 Speaker: Scott Slaughter

Topic: Thankfulness Scripture: 1 Chronicles 16:7–16:36

Often in our zeal to preach the gospel, we have lost the art of worship. Giving of thanks is of the essence of worship. In this passage, see these people worship. Often the world is quick to blame God for tragedy and pain but slow to thank Him for life’s joys. As believers we are to thank Him through all and for all, seeing in all His love and tender care. 

In the Reformation Study Bible, a definition of worship is given under the heading, “God’s Pattern for Worship.” From this, we can see a healthy definition of worship of which giving of thanks is an essential part. 

“Biblical worship us the due response of rational creatures to the self-revelation of their 

Creator. It honors and glorifies God by gratefully offering back to Him all the good gifts, 

and all the knowledge of His greatness and graciousness, that He as given. His servants praise Him for what He is, thank Him for what He has done, desire Him to increase in glory through continuing acts of mercy, judgment, and power, and trust Him with their prayers for their own and other’s wellbeing.”