The Church in Afghanistan, in America, and Persecution

August 18, 2021 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: The Book Of Psalms, Songs & Prayers to the King

Topic: Discipleship, God's Will, Obedience to God, Genesis, Israel, Jews, Abraham, Psalms, Citizenship, Kingdom Of God, Psalms, Worldview, Philosophy, Culture, Psalms, Trials, Suffering, Depression, , Suffering Scripture: Psalm 119:81–119:88

We’ve been studying how to survive affliction and the bitter providence of God. Perhaps within the realm of Divine Providence, we have been witness to one of the most bitter events in our time, the decision to withdraw American military presence from Afghanistan. Will any of us ever forget the sight of hundreds of Afghan and perhaps American citizens running along beside an American military cargo jet seeking deliverance from the Taliban. Some have compared this to the attack on the Twin Towers. What a tragedy this has become. Join Pastor Scott as he expounds Psalm 119:81-88 in light of "The Church in Afghanistan, in America, and Persecution."