Are We Practicing INFANTILE RELIGION? | Christ's Coming, The End of Spiritual Immaturity

July 25, 2021 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: Galatians, No Other Gospel

Topic: Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Trinity, Heaven, Eternal Life, God, Sovereignty, Power, Person, Holiness, Love , Discipleship, God's Will, Obedience to God, Christmas, Incarnation, Jesus, Faith, Saving Faith, Effectual Calling, False Faith, Curiosity Scripture: Galatians 4:1–4:11

When seek to approach God through our own works by keeping ceremonies and law codes we are demonstrating that we are still considering Him through the lens of a spiritual child. Paul calls these “elemental principles.” In other words, basic religion has some things that are common, ceremonies, laws, sacrifices, etc., these are foundational ideas that frame our understanding of spiritual realities and the deity. But, of course, God clarified all of that through Moses when He gave the law but even then all that the law could do was should us the nature of our sins and God’s holiness. These ceremonies showed our separation from God; they did not bring anyone to God. With all this in mind, we need to ask ourselves if we are practicing infantile religion? Was the first advent (coming) of Christ the demarcation of a new age, an age of the Spirit?