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Where IS JESUS NOW? Israel's Coming Divine King-Priest

March 24, 2021 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Book Of Psalms, Songs & Prayers to the King

Topic: Psalms, Citizenship, Kingdom Of God Scripture: Psalm 110:1–110:7

There are three facts that help us interpret this psalm correctly. 

  1. 1. It is distinctly prophetic. 
  2. 2. It cannot refer to any king of Israel because no king was both a king and a priest. 
  3. 3. It was used by Jesus, His Apostles, and the early church to prove that Christ was God, king, and high-priest.

Psalm 110 answers the question that so many have, “Where is Jesus Christ now? And what is he doing, if he is still alive?” These are profitable questions asked by believers and nonbelievers alike. They are not necessarily asked out of disbelief but often are. 

For those of us who believe in Jesus as the Christ, I cannot imagine a better time of the year to study this psalm than just before Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, and Ascension Sunday.