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Overcome YOUR FEAR of SHARING the GOSPEL | Philip The Missionary

November 1, 2020 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: Acts, Continuing the Work of Jesus

Topic: Children, Kids, Evangelism, Gospel, Great Commission Scripture: Acts 8:26–8:40

Overcoming our fear of rejection when sharing the gospel with loved ones and friends is step one. We will see in the coming weeks that boldness is given us through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Just as we are to rely upon the Spirit to give us boldness, so also we should rely upon the Spirit to know how to share the gospel. Today we will give special thought to how we can be missional in all of our conversations.

In the previous narrative, we saw Philip the deacon doing mission work in Samaria. Philip proclaimed Christ to the people of that region who were steeped in the occult and witchiest. Many people were delivered through the power of the gospel. Philip even faced the sorcerer Simon, who in many ways was the spiritual oppressor of the people. 

Today we are given another account of the mission work of Philip, this time in Southern Judea. Philip is miraculously directed to this region miles away from where he had been working. The Spirit directs the work of evangelism and ministry. Philip humbly follows the Spirit’s direction. He is lead to a prominent man of the Ethiopian nation. He was the treasurer to Candice the queen of Ethiopia. 

Donald Barnhouse wrote, “Here was a prepared worker [Philip] and a prepared subject which can only lead to blessing for both.”

We must be prepared workers as well. We must take the call to share the gospel seriously. Let’s observe how God uses Philip to share the gospel and save souls.