The Ten Commandments, Pt.3, Second Discipline: Loving God - His Nature

October 27, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: The Book of Exodus, Being Delivered By God

Topic: Worship, Evangelism, Church Growth, Outreach, Discipleship, God's Will, Obedience to God Scripture: Exodus 20:4

At first glance, the first and the second commandments seem to be saying the same thing. In fact, some have interpreted them as only one commandment. But upon closer meditation, one begins to see the difference. The first commandment tells us Who is to be worshipped; while the second commandment tells us How to worship Him. The first commandment refers to God's supremacy ~ as being the only god to be worshipped; while the second commandment refers to God's nature ~ as being spiritual. Thus because God is Spirit we must worship Him spiritually. We must not try to make or use any image to worship, whether of Him or of any other creature. If we do, we will be practicing the lie of idolatry.