Power Points

June 30, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: Colossians - The Supremacy of Christ

Topic: Thankfulness Scripture: Colossians 4:2–4:4

The Southern Baptist Convention was held in New Orleans, Louisiana this year in 2001. My dad and I went together. We were staying about six or eight blocks from the Super Dome, where the Convention was being held. We were able to ride the bus to and from the Convention and most of the trips we took advantage of it, but a couple of times we walked just to enjoy the city. On one of our walking trips, we had to wait to cross the street and while we waited I looked up and saw an electric trolley pull up and drive off. I had never seen a real electric trolley. I commented to my dad that I was surprised to see that still being used. I watched as the trolley went off and saw that sparks really do fly as the arm of the trolley conducted the electricity from the cable. If that arm were not touching that cable the trolley would stop running. 

That electric trolly reminds me of what G. Campbell-Morgan called, “the practice of prayer.” You and I may travel around doing the Lord’s work and living for the Lord; our ministries and teams may meet and work; we may meet and hold worship services but if we are not praying we are like a trolley car that is not connected to the “system” - ineffective. We must have God’s power. We must labor in the strength that He gives. 

This is the Apostle’s point in the verses before us. The Christian life is hard sometimes. At times is more than hard, it is a battle. We must face our spiritual enemies, the world, the flesh, and the devil. If you feel like you are not up to the task, then you, my friends are correct. The Christian life is a supernatural life meant to be lived out with supernatural power. 

Notice with me three keywords and a personal appeal in this passage. Paul mentions “continuance,” “watchfulness,” and “thanksgiving,” then he makes a personal appeal that sheds much light on the need for prayer in our lives. Paul asks the Colossian believers to pray for him that he might be able to preach the Gospel. Consider your own life as we consider this portion of God’s precious Word.