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Biblical Counsel for Caring Fathers

June 16, 2019 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Radically Christian Family

Topic: Parenting, Grand-parenting, Family, The Home, Genesis Scripture: Exodus 6:1–6:4

It just so happens that we looked at the parallel to this passage in Colossians 3:21 last Sunday morning. Isn’t it funny how God works through His Spirit, His Word, and His messengers to convey His teaching to us, His people? If you were with us last week, you may be thinking what else can we get from this passage? Your question is a good one and certainly reasonable if we were talking about an ordinary book. But the Bible is not an ordinary book. It is God’s inspired revelation of Himself to us. That the Bible is “inspired” does not mean that it is merely inspirational. It most certainly is that but the Bible is much more than inspirational, it is inspired. This means that it was given to men of God directly by the miraculous workings of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, The Holy Spirit. Because this is true, we are often able to observe that it is filled with much more instruction than an ordinary book. 

Since this is true, I would like to ask you to consider these texts of Holy Scripture with me today from a few different angles than in our last message. Let us prayerfully and carefully become aware of three inferences that may be taken from these passages, inferences that speak to the desperate need of the hour, the great need of hardworking, self-sacrificing, faithful, spiritual, godly, good, loving, patient, kind, courageous, bold, wise, and holy, men, husbands, fathers, and grandfathers.   

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