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A Mother of Faith in Faithless Times

May 12, 2019 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Radically Christian Family

Topic: Parenting, Grand-parenting, Family, The Home, Genesis Scripture: Exodus 2:1–2:10

Andrew Dickerson White once wrote, “If the time should ever come when women are not Christians and houses are not homes, then we shall have lost the chief cornerstone on which society rests.” Assuming the correctness of White’s observation, how much more important is God’s plan for Christian women to the gospel and the church? The primary concern of the Bible is for the church, not civilization. 

Mothers, do you, at times, feel insignificant? Well, don’t. But, you may need to discover the plan of God for motherhood. Last year, in my Mother’s Day message, we considered “Gospel-Mothering.” This year, I would like us to continue our quest to rediscover God’s calling and plan for the mission of motherhood. There is a great need today. Families and churches are crying us in despair. The need is for mothers of faith. Mothers who are not ashamed of God’s plan for motherhood. Mothers who are not ashamed of God or His Word. Mothers who will rear their children in the gospel and in the church. Mothers like Sarah, Hannah, Naomi, Elizabeth the mother of John, and Mary the mother of Jesus. Moses’ mother was such a woman. Her confidence and faith were in God’s covenant and God’s sovereignty. 

What does it mean to be a mother of faith? It means to be a mother who believes in Jesus as Lord. It means to be a mother who joyfully embraces God’s plan. It means a mother who delights in God’s Word and seeks to fill her home and the hearts of her family with it. It is a mother who sees herself on mission for Christ through her tender, gentle, consistent, joyful labors to teach the gospel each day. 

Through Moses’ mother we see that many times acting in faith means obeying and trusting God in the face of seemingly impossible odds, and at times, opposition. 

  • Families and churches desperately need mothers of faith - mothers who will stand against the powerful tyrant of popular opinion because they have found greater purpose and delight in God. 
  • Are you a mother or grandmother who is feeling insignificant? Let me encourage you to give consideration to Moses’ mother and the difference she made by being a woman of God’s covenant.   

Let’s consider Moses’ mother Jochebed. 

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