Is More Blessed to Be Merciful Than Merciless

April 24, 2019 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: The Book Of Psalms, Songs & Prayers to the King

Topic: Psalms, Trials, Suffering, Depression, Scripture: Psalm 41

Psalm 41 completes the first book of five that make up the Book of Psalms - Book 1 (1-41), Book 2 (42-72), Book 3 (73-89), Book 4 (90-106), and Book 5 (107-150). 

Psalms 40 and 41 have some things in common, says Dr. James Boice,  “There is a connection between 41 and Psalm 40. Psalm 40 ended with the confession that the psalmist was “poor and needy” (v. 17). Psalm 41 picks up at this point with a promise of blessing for the one who has regard for just such needy people. Weak is the word used. And that is what the psalmist is! He is at an extremely low point in life. He is sick, slandered by malicious enemies, surrounded by false friends, even betrayed by one of his close friends, whom he trusted. Besides, he is aware, as we should be, that he is a sinner and therefore not without the guilt of his own. These conditions have been preying on his mind and have distressed him.” 

This Psalm is the Old Testament equivalent to Matthew 5:7, “blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy.” 

David, once again, appeals to God for mercy - mercy to aid him through sickness and mercy to deliver him from treachery.