John 20:30-31 That You May Believe

November 25, 2018 Speaker: Pastor Scott Slaughter Series: The Gospel of John, Life In God

Topic: Jesus Christ, Messiah, Salvation Scripture: John 20:30–20:31

Are you an admirer of the work of Charlton Heston? Did you watch him in the movie, “The Ten Commandments” and marvel at his oratorical skills? Were you moved by his dramatic portrayal of Moses? I was. His accomplishments in acting, his later political career defending the second amendment, and his reputation for being a good father prompted me to want to know more about him. 

While perusing through a maze of bookshelves at a used bookstore, my eye landed on the official biography of Charlton Heston. After purchasing it, I couldn’t wait to learn more about this man’s life. The book started well. It told about his childhood, and young adult years until he got his break in acting. From that point, the remainder to the biography was completely about his acting career. For me, it was a great disappointment because I wanted to know more about Charlton Heston as a person. 

I purchased the biography of Charlton Heston with the unconscious expectation of a modern day biography format. In a modern biography format, the goal is to tell the person’s life story. Of course, not everything is mentioned but one of the main goals is to tell a complete life narrative in an interesting fashion. 

What was the message of the life of Jesus? What was the acts of his life meant to communicate to the world and to us? 

Let’s think about this together this morning.  

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