Genesis 34 The Massacre of the People of Shechem

August 26, 2018 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: Genesis, The Book Of Beginnings

Topic: Genesis, Israel, Jews, Abraham Scripture: Genesis 34:1–34:33

In the preceding chapters (28-33) we have seen God working in Jacob’s life to make him a man of God, to change him from Jacob, the supplanter, to Israel, a prince with God. In chapter 34 we, not the failure of Jacob but of his sons. Once again are reminded that the covenant is by grace and not by works. Each time we have witnessed God’s promise and man’s failure, followed by God’s provision. This is what we witness in Genesis 34 as well. 

In this chapter, we learn that we cannot accomplish God’s work with the surrounding cultures methods and actions. We see that bloodthirsty violence is not God’s way. We must honor the covenant and trust in His power to accomplish His will.