John 13:1-17 The Essence of Being a Disciple of Jesus

July 22, 2018 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Discipleship, God's Will, Obedience to God Scripture: John 13:1–13:17

Do you want to be first in line, in position, in recognition, or an opportunity? Do you long for the prominent seat in meetings or in life? Do you get angry when your name is left out? Do you strive with others for position, authority, and recognition? Most of us do all of these. But when we become a disciple of Jesus we are called by our Lord to a different life, a transforming principle that is the law of the kingdom of our Lord. 

What makes a disciple of Jesus different from everyone else? It is that we live in humble submission to a different law of a different Kingdom. We obey the commands of our Lord which supersede the laws of this world. 

This attitude that is possessed by the disciple of Jesus has at its root - biblical humility. No one moves forward in growth in Christ except through humility. Such humility has its source and definition and call in Jesus Christ Himself. He is our Lord and He teaches us how to please God and inherit eternal life. 

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