John 12:44-50 What Is God Like?

July 15, 2018 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Holy Spirit, Pentecost, Trinity Scripture: John 12:44–12:50

His hour has come. A transition begins. Jesus public ministry wraps up. The shadow of the cross looms. And Jesus cries out! John chapter 12 is a transitional chapter. It marks the close of Jesus’ public ministry and the beginning of his private ministry, just before his death on the cross. John 12:37-43 is transitional in nature. In the verses before us this morning John and our Lord himself summarize Jesus’ message. The topics contained in 12:44-50 have been spoken and addressed by the Lord on several occasions. They are not new but serve a unique purpose in this context. 

The Jews believed in God but needed to believe in God’s Son. They needed to understand that Jesus is God’s plan, God’s way, God’s messenger, God. 

Jesus in verses 44-50 recaps his message and makes one last public appeal. In this appeal, he gives three reasons to believe him and his message. 

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