John 12:23-36 The Cross, Victory or Defeat?

July 1, 2018 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Jesus Christ, Messiah, Salvation Scripture: John 12:23–12:36

Life and history affords us many examples of a critical moment when it seemed that all was lost, that good had perished and evil triumphed; when, in a moment, like an eclipse of the sun passing darkness flees and light floods the earth again and the sun is shown to be victorious over the darkness once again. Jesus Christ’s death upon the cross is such a place in history. It is the moment in all history that best demonstrates this reality. It appeared that all was lost, the kingdom promises without hope, the teaching of no value, that Satan and evil had finally defeated God and good, but such is an inverted view of Jesus’ crucifixion. 

Consider what Jesus had to say about what he knew was coming to him as the nearness of his death approached. 

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