John 10:1-18 The Good Shepherd

May 27, 2018 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Faith, Saving Faith, Effectual Calling, False Faith, Curiosity Scripture: John 10:1–10:18

We live in an age of many voices. 

A person may get religious teaching from a myriad of outlets.

How does one know the truth in the midst of so many competing voices? 

How can we know Jesus Christ with certainty? 

How are men able to hear the voice of Christ over the many false teachers? 

False shepherds have been a constant problem throughout the history of God’s people. There were false prophets in the Old Testament. 

There were false messiahs before Jesus’ first coming and there have been many since.

There were pseudo-apostles in New Testament times. 

Church history in many ways is the record of God’s true church striving to be pure from the many heterodoxical versions that threaten it. 

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