1 Samuel 1:23; 2:18-21 Gospel-Mothering, The Example Of Hannah

May 13, 2018 Speaker: Scott Slaughter

Topic: Parenting, Grand-parenting, Family, The Home, Genesis Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:23–2:21

Before we begin, let’s discuss how Hannah fits into the narrative of 1 Samuel and into God’s sovereign plan. The writer is moving from tribal to monarchy, showing how God’s anointed, King David came to the throne. To do this one must first explain the origin of the great prophet Samuel and to do that just one must go back to Samuel’s mother, Hannah. Hannah was not privileged, wealthy, or otherwise unique in the nation of Israel. She was not a princess or a queen. She was what we might call an ordinary woman - of course, we soon discover that she is exceptional but not in the ways the world values. 

The church father, Chrysostom wrote, “The highest values may be learned from witnessing Hannah’s patience while enduring suffering as she waited for God’s timing….Weeping and fasting for want of a child, Hannah is an example of watchfulness in prayer. She serves as a model for Christians.”

These days mothers find it difficult to locate a biblical role model, a pattern who may be followed to learn godly mothering. If you are a mother or plan to be one someday, then whether or not you find a contemporary role model, let me encourage you to look to Scripture. It is there we may be instructed and encouraged in how to serve God with our lives. Hannah is such a role model. She is submissive to her husband, faith to teach her children, and above all, devoted to God.