Psalm 14 The Rebellion Of Mankind

November 15, 2017 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Book Of Psalms

Topic: The Fall, Mankind, Sin Scripture: Psalm 14

Atheism always leads to bankruptcy. The same is true of practical atheism, living as if there were no God while affirming that He exists. How can we prosper if we forsake the Fountain of All Blessing? Consider what the Psalmist says about the practical atheism of mankind and how it is always a dead-end street. After considering the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of atheism let’s consider the difference between the heart attitude of the unredeemed and the redeemed. The difference is: would we have God in our heart or not? Do we have hope in our heart or hell? Do we have Christ or corruption? Must we choose the "fool's" way or the way of the wise?

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