Psalm 10 A Worldview Or A Worldly View, Which Do You Have?

October 18, 2017 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Book Of Psalms

Topic: Psalms, Worldview, Philosophy, Culture Scripture: Psalm 10

Do you have a biblical worldview or a worldly view? Running parallel in this psalm are two very different philosophies of living. Keep in mind that in the psalmist’ thoughts is the covenant community. Both groups may be found in every covenant community. It was true of Israel and it is true of the local churches of Christ. The first, though having questions, is that of the believer. It is a worldview that has God at its center. It holds God as King as supreme and the righteous judge of the men. The second, that of the atheist has a worldview of desiring power and wealth because, in this thought, there is no God and if there is He will not call them to judgment. This second philosophy may be stated another way, a more current way - “The survival of the fittest.” Look with me into this psalm as the two opposing belief systems are clearly shown and what will be there outcomes. 

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