John 2:12-22 Are You A Reformer Or A Maintainer?

October 15, 2017 Speaker: Scott Slaughter Series: The Gospel of John

Topic: Jesus Christ, Messiah, Salvation Scripture: John 2:12–2:22

More can be deduced about the spiritual state of Israel from this text than just Jesus driving the merchants from the temple. This account, this situation, what was happening in the temple is a picture of the spiritual apathy that existed in Jesus day. It is clear that in a very real sense Jesus was a reformer. 

From this text, Israel’s apathy over what was real and genuine becomes more apparent. John wants us to see the spiritual temperature of Jesus’ day. The spiritual leaders were prospering when they should have been praying.

        • They were questioning when they should have been repenting. 
        • They were accusing when they should have been worshiping. 

Every age needs reforming in some fashion. One must ask himself, “Am I following the status quo? Am I satisfied with routine religion? Do I long for truth, reality, and real spiritual growth? Am I pursuing obedience to God’s Word and deeper intimacy with Christ?” Jesus was no radical but he was a reformer. History makes it very clear that reformers do not set out to be such. They only desire truth and reality and this flies in the face of apathetic religion every time! We need to look any further than Wycliffe, Tyndale, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, or Whitefield to see that throughout church history many of those who sought true faithfulness to the Word of God suffered greatly at the hands of the apathetic and entrenched authorities. But the Word of God prevails! 

God has not called us all to do what Jesus did. We are not all to be Martin Luther or John Huss but He has called us to reject the husks of status quo religion. We are to follow Jesus Christ with lively and obedient faith our whole lives. 

Consider, perhaps more carefully than you ever have, what Jesus was doing when He cleansed the temple. 

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