1 Corinthians 11:20-34 The 4 R's Of The Lord's Supper

October 8, 2017 Speaker: Scott Slaughter

Topic: Worship, Evangelism, Church Growth, Outreach Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:20–11:34

Over time we tend to lose sight of the holiness of the things of God. We must guard against this tendency. That is what happened in the Corinthian church. They allowed the Lord’s Supper to become nothing more than a common banquet, feast, almost a party. Paul tells them here that they need to stop trampling, as it were, on holy things. In fact, the Apostle says that they are already being judged for their sacrilege and are in danger of even greater judgment if they do not repent. 

We are in danger today of the same judgment if we do not rightly regard the Lord’s Supper. Sometimes we do not mean to cross that line but we have this natural bent toward sin and digression. Often we reverence the Lord’s Supper but we fail to teach that reverence to our children. As a result, they do not see or understand the seriousness of their offense when they are guilty of irreverence. 

Please allow me to give you a simple outline that you may use as a guide for yourself and your family to a right understanding of, attitude toward, and practice of the Lord’s Supper. I encourage you to write these four words in the back or in the margin of your Bible for future reference.