Grandma Olney’s Sunday School Class



Teach them the inspiration of the Scriptures. That sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? Well take heart dear ones, teaching the divine origin of the Bible to children is as much caught as it is taught. What is needed is intentionality. If we are not thoughtful enough to plan to read the Bible to our kids, we will most certainly fail to do it. For instance, you may say, as you show them your Bible, “Children this is God’s Word. It is inspired by God the Holy Spirit.” Depending on maturity levels they may or may not understand this at first. But if you, as their parent or teacher, display a Bible while you teach, quote it regularly, and speak of it highly, your children will begin to mirror your own love and devotion to the Word. I have actually witnessed this firsthand in my ministry. 

Freshly out of graduate school, I briefly served as Associate Pastor to Lena Baptist Church. Located in Lena Illinois, LBC is a small church in a small town. In fact, it was the only Baptist church in town. While at Lena Baptist, I met some very special people, one of whom was a dear elderly lady known to the congregation as Grandma Olney. Mrs. Olney taught the only preschool Sunday school class. Grandma Olney had been teaching this same age group for approximately twenty years. In my college days, I knew a fellow whose home church was Lena Baptist. He was taught by Grandma Olney.

Grandma Olney rarely used the curriculum. In fact, she only had one lesson that she taught in a myriad of ways. That one lesson was, “This is God’s Holy Word,” she would teach while holding up her Bible. Some would say that Grandma Olney’s method lacked sophistication. And in some ways, that is an understandable judgment, but I believe it was brilliant. She knew quite well that she was laying the proper foundation for belief and trust in God. None of the preschoolers were saved while in Grandma Olney’s class, which we know of. But in this little church most of the children that had sat at Grandma Olney’s feet learning to believe God’s inspired Word came to Christ during their grade school years. 

So whether you are spending time with your children, grandchildren, or students in the class be intentional about showing your love for God’s Word, the Bible. Read it yourself and share it with your little ones. God will do the rest. 

By the way, that college that my friend attended, the one that had been taught by Grandma Olney; was a Bible College. Oh, and he’s not a preacher; he’s a firefighter.  

Love you all in Christ, 

Pastor Scott

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