A Prayer for the Education of Our Children



A Call to Prayer 

We Christians need to be in prayer about the education of our children.   The Pilgrims came to America for one main reason – because they did not want their children taught the worldliness in the schools in Holland.  They did have religious freedom in Holland, although they were second-class citizens, the main reason they came to the New World was so they could teach their children the things of God and their children would not learn the worldliness of the urban environment in  Holland.  I believe that should be something of greater concern for Christian parents today.  We need to be in serious prayer because, though we care not to train our children, I promise you, every other group on the planet desperately wants to reach our children.  Instead of being defensive, we need to be offensive about teaching our children about Jesus Christ.  

Father, we thank You so much for our blessed children.  Lord, they are a gift.  You said in your Word that children are a heritage from the Lord and blessed is the one who has his quiver full of them.  He will sit in the gates and rule his people.  We pull away from the belief of our age that children are a burden but we embrace that children are a blessing.  They are a gift from You; You told us to pass from one generation to another the glorious deeds of God.  So, Lord, we pray that You bless us in our labors as a     congregation to stand behind the Christian parents.  We see that our task is to hold up their arms so that they might teach their children to love Christ and to believe in the Word of God. Lord, we pray that you enable us to do that, that you help us to bless dads, bless moms, to encourage children in the things of God.  We pray for our parents, grandparents; help them, Lord, give them wisdom and guidance to be able to protect their children from the many terrible things that are being put upon them today -- Lord, the same-sex marriage, and the anti-Christian agenda, the re-interpretation of American history, the down pushing of the Bible, chalking it up as myth -- These kinds of things that are important to us, that are being undermined in so many avenues of our culture.  We pray that you help our parents to be supportive, be strong; Lord, give them courage. Help them to take the initiative, to be on the offense, to reach and teach their children the wonderful things of Christ, the glorious gospel.  I pray they know that their pastor and their church stand right there with them, teaching, guiding, upholding the wonderful Word of God in everything that they do.  Lord, we ask this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

In Christ's Love,  

Pastor Scott 

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