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Confronted By The Resurrected Christ


What is Easter to you? Is it just another religious holiday to you? A time when you wife, mother, or family member pressures you to attend church with them? Perhaps for you, it is a bit more meaningful, to you it is a time for tradition. At Easter the family attends church, has a festive meal, or perhaps, a family reunion. For some, it about the children. At Easter the chi...

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A Prayer for the Education of Our Children


Christian parents, are you okay with God not being a part of most of your child's day? Are you okay with your children being taught sex education, Critical Race Theory, homosexuality, to hate their country, race, and religion? Are you okay with children learning, playing, and living in isolation because of a virus that has a 97% survival rating? Are you okay with your chil...

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God May Not Be Who You Think He Is

david's plague

Why do Christians gather for worship? What are they to do when they gather? What purpose does it serve? What meaning does it have? Why is worship so important? If we tried to reduce biblical worship to a single word, it would be impossible. We would use words like “praise,” “giving thanks,” “prayer,” and “adoration.” But there is a word that we would have t...

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